The vision of PACA is to create a community performing arts center and theater that promotes the widest variety of artistic endeavors.


PACA is a 501c3 nonprofit theatre that relies on your support to continue making the arts happen.

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Featured PACA Events

PACA Presents: "Venus in Fur" by David Ives

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, November 13-22, 2014
Doors: 7:30p | Show: 8:00p | Tickets: $10 | BYOB w/ ID


An electrifying game of cat & mouse that blurs the lines between fantasy & reality, seduction & power.

Written by David Ives
Directed by Mark Tanenbaum

Abbe Tanenbaum
Thaddeus McCants

Thomas Novachek is the writer-director of a new play opening in New York City; this play-within-the-play is an adaptation of the 1870 novel Venus in Furs by the Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and happens to be the novel that inspired the term Masochism. 

The play begins with Novachek on the telephone lamenting the inadequacies of the actresses who have showed up that day to audition for the lead character, Wanda von Dunayev. Suddenly, at the last minute, a new actress, Vanda Jordan, bursts in. At first it's hard to imagine that she will please this very particular and exasperated writer/director: She's brash, vulgar and unschooled. But she convinces him to let her audition for the part of Wanda, with the director/writer reading the part of Severin von Kushemski.

Much happens during this dynamic reading, as lightning flashes and thunder crashes outside. Vanda shows astonishing insights into the novel and her character, and she performs what is in effect a terrific audition. They both become caught up in the characters they are reading. The balance of power is reversed, and the actress establishes dominance over the director, which is similar to what occurs in the novel.


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